The Feature of Cotton Bag 29 Mar 2017

At Jinruiming we can offer below some bags,they can used for jewelry  gift  hair extension  mobile phone  charge and so on. they are eco friendly and reusable.

Cotton Bags

Our cotton bags are natural, ethical, biodegradable and reusable. You can order plain cotton bags from our wholesale stock or we can personalise your cotton bags for delivery within just one week.

Satin Bags

Satin is a silk  material and therefore very eco friendly. Our satin bags are made from 100% silk fibre but are as soft as cotton!

Canvas Bags

Like our cotton bags, canvas drawstring bags are a healthy choice for the environment. And they are strong, very durable and economical.

Jute Bags

The hard wearing fibres of the jute plant have been used for centuries - with modern designs and printing they are becoming a popular choice for reusbale shopping bags.

Non-woven bags

Non-woven PP is widely used by supermarkets for their ‘bags for life’. Your designs can be printed over the whole of the bag surface and they are available in shopper, drawstring, messenger and tote bag styles.

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